Coaching Packages 

Two coaching packages are available as outlined below. All our coaching packages aim to develop your confidence, your ability and your knowledge in all aspects of your life. 
Personal Confidence Coaching 
Personal Coaching sessions are bespoke and designed to suit your needs. The agenda belongs entirely to you, so the coaching sessions will be tailored to your own needs and each coaching programme created will be unique for you. 
I offer coaching on a one-to-one basis, either face-to-face (dependent on location), via Skype or on the telephone. 
Confidence Coaching with me is right for you if: 
◊ You know that confidence or anxiety issues are holding you back but you don’t know how to move forward 
◊ You know that you are an intelligent and capable person but a lack of confidence stops you showing this to others. 
◊ You feel paralysed by indecision, but you know something needs to change. 
◊ You would love to be more confident, even though you don’t want to be brash and over the top. 
◊ You know you deserve more 
◊ You sometimes feel ‘shouted down’ or undervalued. You’d appreciate the support and listening skills from someone who is non-judgmental and totally on your side. 
◊ You know that you’re the kind of person who will talk yourself out of going for your dream, even if you get partway there. 
So what if? 
You’d like to call me but lack of confidence is stopping you from actually doing it.  What should you do? 
If confidence is really stopping you from making even the first step, how about sending an email or a text?  It’s natural to be nervous about trying something new but I always aim to treat you, as I’d like to be treated myself, with warmth, kindness and respect. 
What will you get out of confidence coaching? 
As with everything in life, you’ll get out what you put in.  Coaching requires determination and dedication on your part. However, there are a number of benefits to having confidence coaching with me. As a result of coaching you: 
◊ Be more in control of life and have the confidence to freely express yourself; 
◊ Have the confidence to explore and discover beautiful new ways of living and working; 
◊ Have increased self-esteem 
◊ You will have the space and the peace to explore what you need to do to fulfill your dreams; 
◊ You will develop more resilience to help you face the challenges life brings you. 
Always remember you are investing in yourself, sending a clear message “I am worth this!”  Confidence coaching aims to give you skills that you can use for life, in all areas of life. How much would you pay for a holiday? Coaching techniques will stay with you long after the holiday has been and gone.  Life really isn’t a dress rehearsal, and important things are worth investing in. 
Confident, Effective Presentations 
Mark Twain once said "There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars." That’s so true. Over the years I’ve given presentations, talks and training to groups of parents, students, local politicians and colleagues on a variety if different topics and always feel nervous beforehand. I look on some nerves as a positive sign as if I didn’t care about what I was doing then the nerves wouldn’t appear. 
So if you’ve been asked to give a presentation and 
you feel stressed, anxious, sick, overwhelmed, and maybe weak at the knees at the thought of it, help is at hand. I can give you guidance to help diminish those presentation fears and help you develop a beautiful new confidence. No matter whom you are speaking to or where you are speaking, I can give you the tools which will make presentation panic a thing of the past. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the cost to me of doing nothing? 
You think it's expensive? Consider this.... 
What will happen to me if I never take the first step? 
How will I feel if I get to 70 and I haven’t attempted to achieve what I wanted to? 
What will be the benefits of implementing change into my life? 
How will I feel once I’ve made a minor change to my life? 
What could I work on now that would make the biggest difference to my life? 

Personal Confidence Coaching 

We start with a ‘discovery session’ to really get to know each other. This normally lasts about two hours, and includes a number of exercises to help uncover where you are in your life, what your values are, how you see yourself in the future as well as designing how we will work together. 
First, we meet over Skype or at an agreed location for a half-day intensive, where we do a deep-dive into your business, you, your needs and our priority areas of focus over the time we work together. 
After that, coaching will be via Skype and/or (distance permitting), face-to-face. We will have four sessions contact per month. My preference is four 60 - 90 minute sessions, but I can be flexible depending on what your needs are and what we are working on at any given time. 

Professional, Effective Presentations 

3 months dedicated to you achieving something amazing - confidence and ease when presenting to groups large and small. 
It doesn't matter if this training is focused on your career or business, you will be supported every step of the way to achieve your goal of being able to handle talks, both impromptu and planned as you never have before. 
What's included? 
1 90 minute strategy session 
10 one hour Skype/phone or face-to-face coaching sessions (or a mixture of these) 
Course materials 
Email support 
Payment plans are available.