About me 

Then about 15 years ago, I embarked on a voyage of discovery that started with reading self-help books and developed through participating in training as a subject learning coach, a personal coach, an NLP coach and Hypnotherapist. That coaching journey has left me with a deep desire to help others in the way that being coached has helped me. I’ve developed a true sense of confidence and resilience now in many aspects of my life, which I would like to share with you. 
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 What is confidence coaching? 

Confidence Coaching is different from consulting, mentoring or counseling. A coach does not give advice , tell you what to do or even judge you. What is more important coaching takes place in a confidential and safe environment. 
Instead of dwelling on the past, the coaching process is directed at the future, at actions and positive outcomes for you and your own success. You are the expert of your life and deep down you do have the answers. Sometimes they are hidden or buried. Your coach will help to unlock your own inner wisdom, helping you to connect your head and your heart, so you can take the necessary steps towards your dreams, ambitions and goals. Coaching is an empowering and motivating process to help you through difficult times. 

 Presentation Skills Coaching  

Are you frankly fearful about giving presentation, delivering proposals or speaking in public? 
What has this cost you personally or in your business in the past? 
How is this affecting you right now? 
Would you like to be able to put these fears to bed once and for all? 
Would you like to be able to speak and present with clarity and confidence. 
That's where presentation coaching comes in. I can design a programme for you that will make these nerves and fears a thing of the past. You will develop strategies which will help you prepare for any presentation, to groups large or small. 

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